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  • aPortada is a pioneer communication and cultural marketing agency. The senior agency team holds over 20 years of industry experience and has managed large projects and cultural brands. We know the story, the dynamics, and the specificities of the artistic world. We design, plan and execute the overall strategy of cultural communication projects. We propose innovative marketing and communication activities. We analyse your cultural brand, your audience and environment, and we propose specific actions to generate and improve target audience and media interest contributing to your success.


  • Communication and cultural marketing 


    1. Development and coordination of cultural communication plans
    2. Working on the creative idea and the key messages of the story
    3. Definition of positioning and differentiation of ​​the brand
    4. Conceptualisation and execution of creative communication activities and cultural marketing
    5. Analysis of cultural audiences; loyalty actions and/or looking for new segments
    6. Analysis and design of the right public image for a product or service
  • Broadcasting and media


    1. Design and implementation of the media campaign. Press office (newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, agencies …),opinion leaders and online media (bloggers, social networks, websites of interest)
    2. Design of the advertising plan, off line (media, outdoor advertising, etc.), below the line (Specific broadcast actions) and online (online advertising)
    3. Establishment of strategic alliances and agreements with institutions and media to reach target audiences
    4. Identification of new marketing segments and advise about special offers and promotions. We may help you achieving a more effective dissemination and even a cheaper one
    5. We manage your advertising budget and media campaign
  • Events management

    1. 360º conceptualisation and production of cultural events: theoretical corpus, program content, calendar, executive production, technical assistance (secretariat), broadcast, institutional relations …
    2. Managing participation: preliminary dialogue with the industry, content is created from the dynamisation
    3. Coordinating comprehensive communication: preliminary dialogue with the industry and participation, media broadcast, website and social media (it makes sense), image and signage design, design and content of promotional materials, protocol and public relations management…


  • International relations

    1. 12 years experience in the international dissemination of cultural projects. Thousands of international contacts: festivals, promoters, venues and agents
    2. Production and broadcasting of cultural events for international programmers. Managing the international diffusion of large festivals and cultural projects
  • Cultural management

    1. Analysis of cultural projects and studies: we observe and contextualise the strategies of an organization or project from previous data study before diagnosing and proposing innovative and effective strategies
    2. We design new projects for the revitalisation of businesses and cultural institutions
  • Cultural communication training


    1. Bases of cultural marketing and communication
    2. Management of cultural publics
    3. New trends in cultural communication
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