Corporate Communication

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  • We innovate in communications strategies to reach the brand recognition of our clients. We protect their reputation, the most precious intangible good of any organization. We believe in impacting storytelling and organizational dialogue. As said in Cluetrain Manifiesto, brands are conversations.

  • External communication

    1. Strategic communication plans and brand positioning
    2. Media relations policy and press office
    3. Digital communication and community management
  • Crisis communication

    1. Consultancy, audit and crisis communication handbook
    2. Identification and spokesperson training for crisis communication
    3. Crisis simulations, issues management and warnings management
    4. Strategy and management of contingency plans
    5. Personal or corporate reputation management. Post- crisis image recovery
  • Storytelling and corporate culture

    1. Creation of corporate tale&identity using storytelling tools: success stories
    2. Mission, vision and corporate values definition
    3. Corporate identity analysis : perception studies, focus group and benchmarking
    4. Company’s cultural DNA definition. Culthunting
  • Social Responsibility

    1. Communication strategies for corporate social responsibility
    2. Communication tactics for fundraising. Third sector specialisation
  • Change management

    1. Communication strategies for the processes of change: mergers o acquisitions, relocations…
    2. Accompanying communication plans for change processes
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