Public Relations

  • REP

  • The Public Relations society of America (PRSA) defines Public Relations as “ a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics”

    At aPortada we understand Public Relations from the passion for communications!  Creativity, innovation and experience at the service of our clients reputation.

  • Press Office

    1. Drafting press dossiers and press releases with a journalistic approach
    2. Coordinating press conferences, presentations or meetings with cultural media
    3. Sending out press releases and following up media publications
    4. Comprehensive services for fairs, festivals, markets and cultural events
  • Social media

    1. Social media strategy and management
    2. Digital reputation management. What it is being said about you in the net?
    3. Managing innovative online campaigns involving geomarketing, gamification, augmented reality, viral marketing…
  • Below the line

    1. Managing marketing activities below the line: point of sale promotions, merchandising, shocking cultural events, guerrilla and street marketing, brand experience and branded content
  • Eventos corporativos

    1. Strategical planning and design of events in order to achieve brand recognition and the positioning desired by our client


  • Relaciones institucionales

    1. Managing the protocol strategy for institutional relations
    2. Managing sponsorship plans
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